WhatsApp Notification for Status Updates
WhatsApp Notification for Status Updates

WhatsApp is working on the new Notification Feature for Status Updates. This feature will allow users to directly send a notification whenever they mention specific contacts in their status updates.

Today I am explaining to you WhatsApp’s upcoming feature status notifications. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the status notification feature.


WhatsApp working on Notification for Status updates

According to the WABetainfo, the feature tracker of WhatsApp, the meta-owned messaging app is testing a new feature to alert users about new unseen status updates from their contacts, such as allowing them to receive other notifications.

Users will get notifications, “You have an unseen status update from (Their Contact).” One of the very important to note is that there are some speculations regarding the exact circumstances triggering these notifications.

The meta-owned messaging app might prioritize notifying users about unseen status updates from their favorite contacts to enhance the significance of these relationships and the importance of staying updated with their activities. It has the potential to improve the relevance and timeliness of status updates by prioritizing notifications from favorite contacts.

The new Status Notification feature is currently under development. However, the meta-owned messaging app will soon release a new notifications feature for status updates for Android beta testers.

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