How to Share Photos and Reels on Instagram
How to Share Photos and Reels on Instagram

Instagram added the 60 seconds time limit for Reels videos. Instagram Reels Creator can now create up to 1 minutes Reels Videos. You must be using it to stay connected with your friends, colleagues, and others. It is one of the most popular photo-sharing Social Media platforms.

It always rollout the amazing feature to enhance the users’ experience. Recently it has rolled out the Time left indicator feature for Instagram’s Story. Now it expands the Reels time limit. Today I am explaining to you about Instagram expand time limit. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

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Instagram 60 seconds time for Reels Videos

Instagram increases the time length limit for Reels Video Creator. Reels Video Creators are now able to create longer videos on Instagram. Users can now create 1 Minute Reels Videos on Instagram. Before the time length limit expands, users are only able to create 15 or 30 seconds Reels Videos. It announced the new time length limit on Twitter ” Reels up to 60 secs. Starting Today”.

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Instagram New 60 seconds for Reels
Instagram New 60 seconds for Reels

Users have to tap on the time length option on the left of the screen two times to record 60 seconds Reels videos. Users can also upload the 60 seconds or 1 minute recorded video on Instagram Reels. If you want to create the 1 Minute Instagram Reels then make sure you have the latest app version.

But some of the users didn’t get the 1 minute time option for Reels on their account after update their app. So if you are one of them who didn’t get the 1 minute time length for Reels then don’t worry. Instagram soon will roll out for all users.

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