google bolo app
Google introduce bolo app for improve learning to read english, and hindi

Google launched the android app named Read Along on Thursday. Basically, this app will help the age of five or more years children to practice reading. The new app by Google is fully based on the Bolo, a speech-based reading app that was launched in India by Google in March last year. The app uses technology speech recognition to guide the children as they read the text. This app is now available in more than 180 countries worldwide. This app is available in nine languages Hindi, English, Urdu, Spanish, Tamil, Portuguese, Marathi, Bengali, and Telugu.

There special features is that You can also uses offline mode

After receiving the positive feedback in India by the parent’s Google has introduced the app with the new name called Bolo in India to people across the World. Diya reading close friends is provided in-app. Diya uses the text to speech and speech recognition technology to check that students are able to read correctly or not. When the children are reading the story, it gives the visual and verbal feedback.

google bolo app
google bolo app

You can ask Diya for help at any time and any place. Parents can create multiple profiles for multiple learners to keep track of the progress of the individual learner. This app has many stories to inspire to learn more with features games in between as well as badges.

The app works offline after downloading the app and stories. Parents can download more stories with the help of the internet. In addition, Google has mentioned that the company has taken care of the Safety and privacy of the children in this app. Google also says that Read-Along analyses the voice data on the device instead of sending it to Google Servers. The company also launched YouTube learning to help the student who is staying at the home due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

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