WhatsApp and Facebook
WhatsApp and Facebook

You must be using WhatsApp and Facebook to stay connected with your friends. Today I am explaining to you about the WhatsApp. You must be sending the message to your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook.

When you type the message to your friends then your typing status show in your friends WhatsApp. You must want to disable or hide the typing status and Facebook seen. Today I am explaining to you about the hide or disable WhatsApp typing status and Facebook Seen. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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How can you remove or hide the WhatsApp typing status?

If you want to hide the WhatsApp typing status from your friends and other contacts. Follow these steps to remove WhatsApp typing status.

To hide the typing you have to deactivate your internet, both personal data, and Wi-Fi on your phone. Also, turn on or activate the Aeroplane or flight mode on your phone. After doing this open your WhatsApp and go to the chat with whom you want to send a message.

Type the message and send that message to your friends. Come out from WhatsApp and turn on your internet. When your phone gets an internet connection then your message will send them automatically. Your friends cannot see your typing status but the message will arrive on his phone.

How to hide the seen of your Facebook Messages?

To hide the Facebook seen you have to use an app name Unseen No Last Seen on your phone. The app link is at the bottom of the post go and download the app to hide the Facebook seen. You can use the app to hide your Facebook seen easily.

This app also allows you to hide WhatsApp and Facebook seen and also as the backup of your message if deleted by mistake.


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