WhatsApp New Text Status with Disappearing
WhatsApp New Text Status with Disappearing

WhatsApp is developing a new feature to report messages to group admins. Group members can easily report specific messages to the group admin with the help of the new feature. The group admin can review the reported messages and able to delete the message for everyone in the group.

Today I am explaining to you WhatsApp’s new report messages to group admins. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the new report message to group admins.


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WhatsApp new report messages to the group admins

WhatsApp new ability to report messages is discovered on Android version It is working on the new Admin review feature that allows group admins to review and delete messages for everyone in the group.

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When the group members report the specific messages then that message will be sent to the admin for review, and they will be able to choose to delete that message for everyone in the group if they found it inappropriate or violates the group’s rules.

The new admin review feature will be available within the group settings section and only the group admins can turn on the new admin review feature to review the reported messages. The reported messages will be visible within a new section of the app within the group info section by the Admins only.

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The new Admin review feature to report messages to group admins is currently under development. But the meta-owned messaging app will soon roll out the new report messages for Android beta testers.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is releasing the new Silence Unknown Callers feature that allows users to mute calls from unknown phone numbers. The new silence Unknown callers feature is available within the Privacy settings.

All the missed calls will be shown in the Calls tab and the notification center. The new ability to silence unknown callers is available in the Android beta version

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