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Everyone must be using the phone. Sometimes it happens when we chatting with someone and our friend want to see phone whom we are chatting. On that time we want to hide our phone. if you don’t want to hide your phone and you want that you phone display is not appear in the front of your friend then you can use this tip, tricks and setting. Today I am explaining you the best app that help you to set the fake screen in your mobile which help you to create the fake screen in your phone. Read the post till the end to know more about this.

Fake Screen.

Fake screen is the app which allow you to create a fake screen in your phone. By creating the fake screen nobody can see your phone display. If anyone take your phone they will not use your phone because it has a fake screen. It means your phone show them a useless screen which is not working.

How can you use the Fake Screen?

First of all you have to download this app in your mobile phone. Now, how can you download this Fake Screen application.

Step1: Go to the end of this post where you find the download button.

Step2: Press the download button to download and install this app in your phone.

Step3: Open the app after the installing in your mobile.

Step4: Click on the next button and allow the permission.

Step5: One more time click on the next button and click on the watch button to watch the ads to use the app.

Step6: Press the start button to create fake black and white screen. You can choose you photo from gallery to create fake scree.

Step7: Swipe left/ right to set fake screen with black and white when you want to create.

Now you can use the Fake screen app to create a Fake screen in your phone when it need. It secure your phone when someone want to use your phone.

Follow all these steps to use this app and create a Fake Screen in your phone and secure your phone

Thanks for reading this post till the end.

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