Instagram add profiles pronouns feature
Instagram add profiles pronouns feature

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. You must be using Instagram to stay connected with your friends, colleagues, and others. The Instagram rollout new feature to add pronouns to the users’ profile. Recently it has rollout the filter Abusive word for DM.

Also, it is testing the new option to hide likes count to post. Now it adds the new pronouns feature. Today I am explaining to you about an Instagram new pronouns feature. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

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Instagram new pronouns feature to add on users profile

Instagram added the pronouns feature that lets users add the pronouns to their profile. Users can add up to 4 pronouns to their profile. The Pronouns will appear next to their username on their profile. The new feature will appear under the Edit Profile section. Users can enable this from the Edit Profile section.

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Users have the option to choose that they can publicly show their pronouns or only for their followers on their profile. You can type your pronouns on the Edit Profile section to add that you want to add and Instagram will also suggest the pronouns from the list. Users will see the option to show only follows below the users’ type pronouns.

If you want to show only to your follows then toggle that option or leave if you want to show publicly. This feature has launched in selective countries. If any users don’t get this feature then they can fill out a form to get it and send it or just add the pronoun to their bio.

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