Twitter ad-revenue for Verified Creators
Twitter ad-revenue for Verified Creators

Twitter had just one thing to change since its beginning. There is a character limit for tweets of 280 characters. Twitter Notes is great news for users who want to write more like to post longer tweets. With the introduction of this new feature by Twitter, you can make your tweets up to 2,500 words. It is surely a great upgrade in the case of twitter.

Twitter managed to keep their users confined in short tweets by their character limit till now. Now for some unknown reasons, Twitter has finally changed its old policies. Twitter recently introduced this feature called Twitter Notes. It is still in beta version and only accessible from the desktop site of Twitter. Twitter has made the news official in the form of Notes.


Recently Elon Musk tweeted in his official twitter account that he believes that Twitter has the most writers from present, past, and future. This initiative by Twitter will encourage a lot of writers to share their views on all sorts of happenings around the world. According to Elon Musk, Twitter could be a great platform to promote freedom of speech across the globe. Here is all the details and info you need to know about this new Twitter Notes by Twitter.

Twitter testing Notes to post longer Tweets

Twitter Notes is still in the beta version and in the testing stage. The new feature is not visible to every user. Besides, only the desktop site of Twitter has the feature of Twitter Notes right now. There was gossip about this feature as, back in February, users had tweeted and suggested the company to allow longer tweets. In the desktop site of Twitter, on the left side, the option named Write has opened up.

Within this option, users are enabled to write or produce long form contents and also post longer tweets. The word limit of this Twitter Notes is up to 2,500 words. The heading of the writing is restricted to 100 words. Twitter Notes also enables you to use GIFs, pictures and header images in your long Notes. It also reportedly said to introduce new updates for the Notes in near future.

Twitter has made an account namely Twitter Write and posted a GIF explaining the ways and methods of Twitter Notes. Twitter has made it clear that some selected users will have the access to use this feature right now. These long form contents can be visible to most of the other users through Note Cards. Note Card is basically a tweet in a Note preview and link.

You can only see a Twitter Note when you follow someone who has the access to write Notes in Twitter. However, you can also see the Note tweet, if someone tweets the link of the Note tweet or retweeted the original Note Card tweet. The Twitter Notes will also have unique URLs to help in easy recognition. This unique URL can send you directly to the Note content. You don’t need to open the application or the official site of Twitter to access them.

Normal users can share the Notes within Twitter. But the feature to reply or react is still off limits for most of the users. In future, the feature will be enabled for maximum users. As for the Writers, they can write long form contents, and also edit them according to their requirement.

Moreover, Twitter reportedly said to provide extra security and protection to the unique URLs of the Twitter Notes. With the official page, Twitter has also made an FAQ page to clarify the feature to the users. You can go through the FAQ page to know more information about the Twitter Notes.

Why Twitter Notes Was Much Needed

The issue of character limits on Twitter was talked about for a long time. Maximum users had suggested Twitter to introduce the feature of posting long form content. Twitter has become the hub of all the global celebrities, political leaders, actors, influencers, and so on. And in Twitter maximum eminent personalities are mostly active. So, the need for writing long contents is experienced by many.

In that case, users had to tweet their opinions or feelings by Twitter threads. And it is well known that managing these threads and keeping a track of these long threads is way difficult. However, 280 characters is not enough to express opinions on serious matters most of the time. This new feature is an experiment for Twitter. They want to see whether the feature meets all the criteria’s that were discussed earlier.

Twitter released Twitter Notes in some selected countries like Canada, UK, Ghana, and US. But in most of the countries users will be able to read the notes in and outside Twitter. Overall this feature will encourage more writers to speak up about sensitive issues that can attract the eyes of Governments and other important entities.

Effects Of This Feature

The new Twitter Notes can change a lot in the environment of Twitter. With the access of long form contents, intellectuals can express their views on different issues freely. It will also encourage the professional writers to write on several topics or issues. This can also turn out to be a great opportunity for the writers to prove themselves in the social media.

As the feature is in the testing stage now, it is not expected to have any negative effects. Eventually, while the feature will be accessible to most of the users then this can get misused a lot. One of the most critical things about Twitter was, people find it difficult to share fake news or posting manipulative tweets due to the character limit.

But with this new feature, these limitations are over for many people. So Twitter can be a place for cyber criminals. These things can be avoided easily with proper regulations. Twitter is also expected to make changes in their terms and conditions policy to prevent any form of unlawful activities in the social media platform.

Twitter Notes And The Concept Of Microblogging Site

Microblogging is a form of blogging that is currently gaining popularity among bloggers and readers. This form of blogging is generally short and brief. Most of the social media platforms are being used as a place for microblogging. Bloggers and writers all over the world share their thoughts on different news and genres. Twitter was previously not an option for the micro bloggers as Twitter doesn’t allow more than 280 characters.

But, after the release of this new feature of Twitter Notes, bloggers will be able to practice microblogging on Twitter. They can have a better and larger reader base for their microblogs on Twitter. Moreover, Twitter is offering them features to add images, GIFs, header images to make their blogs more interesting for writers and readers. Twitter will not just be a platform to share your thoughts, opinions and promote things.

It can be a platform that will educate the users about different things and encourage them towards gaining knowledge. Twitter is currently testing the feature with a group of writers. These writers have already started posting some microblogs or long form content on Twitter.

Related to microblogging, Twitter was also reportedly working on a similar feature that could enable users to write and post long form contents in Twitter called “Twitter Article”. Although that was not confirmed officially by Twitter. But, with the new Twitter Notes, things with microblogging have progressed to a satisfactory level.

Elon Musk Twitter Deal And Twitter Notes

It can be estimated easily that the deal made by the Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk had a deep effect on the policies of Twitter. Elon Musk currently owns 9.1 percent stakes of Twitter. He is the second biggest stakeholder of the company after Jack Dorsey. The SpaceX founder acquired Twitter for around $44 billion with shares worth $54.20. After the acquisition, Elon Musk had spoken out and tweeted about free speech and democracy.

The announcement about the new feature of Twitter Notes to post longer tweets can be a direct and indirect effect of the Elon Musk acquisition. The reasons behind the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk were many. According to the reports, Elon Musk wanted to flourish free speech across the social media platform to strengthen the base of democracy. He believes that Twitter has huge potential as a social media platform to encourage and enhance free speech all over the world.

He wants to work with the company and enhance the platform by introducing new features and opportunities to the users. The CEO of Twitter, Parag Aggarwal has said that he is quite uncertain about the future of the microblogging social media platform after the acquisition by Elon Musk. Twitter employees are quite confused about their future roles in the company.

This acquisition also had an effect on the stock values of Tesla. Tesla stocks have reportedly fallen by 12 percent after Elon Musk made the deal with Twitter. But according to Elon Musk, he is certain to bring some serious and positive changes in the internal development of Twitter.

Additional Benefits Of Twitter Notes

It is without any doubt that the feature of long form content will grant the users and writers more control and flexibility over the content. They can get more stylish with their microblogs or long blogs with this feature. The feature allows the writers to italicize, bold, and also format their words according to them.

With a vast word limit of 2,500 words, the writers have more than enough space to express their thoughts on the topic they are writing on and post the longer tweets with Twitter Notes feature. In spite of all the new features, Twitter is sticking on to their old rules about inciting violence’s. This will help them to regulate the long form content in the platform. Titles are limited to 100 words and that is quite enough for a blog title.

Previously Twitter had a policy of anti-edit with rein tweets which created problems for many. But with Twitter Notes the policy is being broken. Twitter has allowed the writers to edit their blogs after posting them, if needed. This feature will turn out to be a great help for writers and bloggers out there. Edited Notes will bear a label of “Edited” with them for better transparency.

Twitter has always been a major platform to convey the thoughts of most people. But, due to the character limit, users could not express their thoughts in long writings on Twitter. They are rather writing in different places and using Twitter to share and promote those writings to the readers.

But with Twitter Notes, users do not have to run different places. Users and writers can directly post their long writings on Twitter. This perspective was shared by Rembert Browne. He put a light on these aspects in one of the first Notes of Twitter Notes.

Current Reported Feedbacks of Twitter Notes

It has been not more than a few days after Twitter launched the Twitter Notes to post longer tweets. But within these short periods, some writers have shared their thoughts through the note itself. Till now the results and feedback are positive. Users can also read the long form contents in the Note preview in the selected countries. According to some of the online user reactions, this new feature of Twitter is widely appreciated.

Intellectuals are certain about the vision of the practice of long and free speech on Twitter. News reporters are very happy after the introduction of this feature. This feature will enable them to report news in a more detailed way. Twitter Notes have the capability of changing the way of sharing thoughts and news on Twitter.

To conclude, Twitter Notes to post longer tweets is the all new beta feature of Twitter that got many heads turned. In the near future, this feature will be available for all the Twitter users in the world. Now it is a matter of time to get to know about all the impacts and effects that will fall upon society after the successful implication of this new feature. If you have any thoughts about this new Twitter Notes then don’t forget to comment your thoughts down below.

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