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YouTube is one of the most popular social video platforms in the world. You will find all types of videos on this related to any topic on this app. While watching the videos on YouTube you will see the ads during watching the videos. You have to wait until ads finished or skip the ads after the skip button enables. It takes some time to skip the ads and you want to watch YouTube videos ads free. Today I am explaining to you about the watch YouTube ads free. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

You know that you play the ads in the videos to generate revenue. YouTube ads generate revenue and it helps the creator whom videos you are watching. This is the way, by which YouTube creators earn money.


If you use any tricks and turn off the ads it will take away the resources. The best and proper way to watch the ads-free videos or watch videos without ads is to get the Premium member of YouTube and you already know about this.

According to the Android Police and 9to5Google, someone has posted a simple way to watch YouTube videos ads free or without ads in the web browser. You have to only add some extra period on the link of that videos which you want to watch after dot com (.com) of link. When a video URL is pasted into the secret or incognito browser window with a latent duration.

In addition to removing pre-roll ads, it also eliminates mid-roll interruptions for the video. Until your copy paste and change the video URL, but it doesn’t work. How much time actually saving waiting for the skip ad button.

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