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10 whatsapp new upcoming features for you (credit: Smartprix)

WhatWhatsApp usually updating the new-new features from time to time on it which is very useful for us. We also want the more new-new updates on it and WhatsApp also does this. One more time WhatsApp updating WhatsApp New features. Whatsapp recently releases top ten WhatsApp new upcoming features face unlock, screenshot blocked, chat backup protect, multiple-devices support, advanced search. Read the post till the end to know more about these WhatsApp upcoming features and their work.

Top 10 WhatsApp New Upcoming features list 2020.

  1. Face Unlock
  2. Multiple Devices Support
  3. Self Destructing Messages
  4. Chat Backup Protect
  5. Advanced Search
  6. In-App Browser
  7. Animated Stickers
  8. Boomerang
  9. QR Code Button
  10. Screenshot Blocked

1. Face Unlock.

Face Unlock Features is the best and most important features for the security of our WhatsApp. With the help of these features, we can unlock our WhatsApp using our face. Recently WhatsApp added the Fingerprint lock for the android user. Fingerprint and Face lock for the iPhone user. But WhatsApp decided to add these features for the android users. It will be added to the WhatsApp very soon.


2. Multiple-devices Support.

Whatsapp multiple-devices support feature helps you to use your WhatsApp in multiple devices with the same number. You can log in to your WhatsApp in different devices and log out the WhatsApp after the completion of work. You can use your WhatsApp in your Desktop and Laptop even your Mobile phone is switched off. Gradually, your unique one WhatsApp multiple-devices support.

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3.Self Destructing Messages.

WhatsApp wanted to introduce these features for a long time. But it seems that it will come very soon. With the help of this feature, you can set the timing to delete your chart automatically after a few times. It helps you to secure your password and many things. If you share your password with someone and you forget to delete it on that times it will delete automatically.

4. Chat Backup Protect.

Chat Backup Protect feature will be introducing very soon in WhatsApp. You were backup your chat in the google cloud. It helps you to set the password to protect the chat backup. It makes your chat very secure.

 5. Advanced Search.

WhatsApp advanced search feature will introduce in WhatsApp Beta and also introduce in all the WhatsApp very soon. With the help of this feature, you can search for anything easily because it has a filter to find everything like text, video, links, etc. Try WhatsApp advanced search feature while update.

6. In-App Browser.

In-App Browser feature is the best upcoming feature of WhatsApp. You can browse anything by staying on this app. No need to use any other app to browse anything. Even you can browse many types of links directly from the WhatsApp browser.

7. Animated Stickers.

You can download the Animated Stickers like Gif file in the WhatsApp after coming of these features. It will provide you the same thing as the other chatting messenger is providing you.

8. Boomerang.

Boomerang feature helps you to convert your video into a Gif file. Your video must be in 4 to 5 seconds. This feature is available in the beta version but not for all beta version users. It will come after a few times. You will find the video size (MB Size) below the video and its icon click on the button to convert your video into the Gif file. This feature is also available for Instagram but it will come in WhatsApp after few times.

9. QR Code Button.

QR Code Button is a very interesting upcoming feature in the WhatsApp. It will help you to communicate with someone without giving or making contact with someone. You have to click on QR Code Button and scan the QR code to connect with someone. It is the same feature as the sharing app (Xender) to connect.

10. Screenshot Blocked.

Whatsapp screenshot blocked features are the best upcoming features to make more secure your chat. It doesn’t allow you to take the screenshot of your chat and nobody takes your chat history. It means your chat is more secure after coming to these features. WhatsApp screenshot blocked features is the best feature one. So, don’t forget to try these features on your smartphone.

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These all the upcoming features help you to secure your chat and use your WhatsApp securely.

Thanks for reading this Top 10 WhatsApp New Upcoming Features in March 2020 post till the end. I hope this post is very helpful to you.

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