BGMI Finally relaunch in India
BGMI Finally relaunch in India

Users are waiting for the launch of the Battlegrounds Mobile India game. Some people are taking advantage of the announcement of the game launch. They are releasing the numbers of fake Battlegrounds Mobile India apps. The Battlegrounds Mobile India game is ready to launch in India soon. PUBG Mobile India fans are ready to play their one of the most favorite Battlegrounds game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the new rebrand of the PUBG Mobile India game. The pre-registration of Battlegrounds Mobile India is started on 18th May. You can pre-register for the PUBG game on Google Play Store. But some people launching fake games. Today I am explaining to you about Battlegrounds Mobile India Fake apps. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Fake apps on Google Play Store

If any user searches the Battlegrounds Mobile India on the Google Play store then they will find so many apps. Those are the fake apps. Some of those apps claim that it is game guides. Some of the apps are totally different from the game. They are trying to take the advantage of the game’s popularity. These apps may be harmful to users. If users downloaded these apps the most of the apps will show you a lot of advertisements. Also, these apps may steal your personal data.

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How can you be safe from installing fake apps?

One of the important things you need to remember that the Battlegrounds Mobile India game is not launched on the play store currently and if any apps are available then it is fake. Another thing is that you need to remember the game developer company. Krafton Inc is the game developer company that develops the original Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The Company name will appear under the game name, if you see it then only download the game. Another thing to understand the difference between fake and original games is the logo of the game. The Original Battlegrounds Mobile India logo is a man in the helmet.

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