Here list of new upcoming WhatsApp features to be release soon. (Image by Hogatoga)

WhatsApp keeps releasing new features day by day for WhatsApp users. You must be using WhatsApp to stay connected with your friends, colleagues, and others. WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. WhatsApp recently rollout the new amazing feature and will roll out the upcoming feature that enhances your user experience. like: WhatsApp Multi-device support, Search on web, contact shortcut, QR code, new sticker, dark mode for web, and desktop.

Also, WhatsApp will roll out the new upcoming feature on it. Today I am explaining to you about the WhatsApp upcoming feature. Read this post till the end to know more. Here look at the 11 New Upcoming WhatsApp features


1. WhatsApp multi-device support

This WhatsApp multi-device allows you to use your same account WhatsApp on multiple devices. All the device will get the message which is log in with multiple device support. Also, all the previous activities will be sync on all the devices.

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2. Contact shortcut, better voice over, new chat bubble comes to WhatsApp

The contact shortcut icon will show when you try to send anything from your phone gallery or other apps to the WhatsApp contact. This feature allows you to send directly to the contact you don’t need to open your WhatsApp then select the contact.

It directly shows the contact to share, you have to just tap on the icon and share it to your favorite contact. WhatsApp also improves the voice-over support feature and the new chat bubble color will be rollout to the WhatsApp.

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3. WhatsApp QR code to add new contact instantly.

You can directly save anyone number on your WhatsApp contact with the help of this feature. You have to only scan the QR code of that users and it will save the WhatsApp number of that users. The QR code feature is available beside the user’s username on the setting option.

4. Messenger Rooms feature on WhatsApp Web.

This WhatsApp messenger rooms feature allows you to video call with up to 50 participants simultaneously. You can create your Messenger room on WhatsApp and invite your friends to join the room and video call with them.

5. WhatsApp has introduced 138 new emojis.

These new 138 emojis are different from the old emojis which is already available in WhatsApp. You will notice some changes in these emojis like changing in hairstyles, skin tones, and clothes color tones. The WhatsApp users love to express their emotions through the emojis.

6. WhatsApp permanent mute feature in group chat.

WhatsApp’s new and upcoming permanent feature will replace the one-year mute notification option with a permanent mute option. You can now mute anyone permanent on WhatsApp and you won’t get the notification until you unmute that users.

7. Focus on a video call participant of your choice in a WhatsApp group call.

WhatsApp users have to press and hold a video of the participant from the group call of 8 people in a group call across the screen.

8. WhatsApp Web to get dark mode.

The dark mode is available for your Web laptop and desktop. If you use the WhatsApp on your laptop and Desktop at night then use the Dark mode on your WhatsApp Web. This new feature is more helpful for you, apart from that it exceeds your battery backup.

9. WhatsApp animated stickers.

There are five WhatsApp new animated sticker packs are present currently such as Playful Piyomaru, Moody Foodies, Bright Days, Rico’s Sweet Life, and Chummy chum Chums. WhatsApp supplies all the stickers. It is the one and only special WhatsApp new features sticker.

10. Jio phone and other feature phone users can add WhatsApp status updates.

WhatsApp added to update the Status support feature that disappears after 24 hours for handsets running on the KaiOS.

11. WhatsApp group video call in one tap.

WhatsApp is adding the video call icon in the group chats new features. Participants of the group have to tap on the video icon to start the group video calling easily and quickly.

The WhatsApp features are available and some features will upcoming later on its app. In the end, keep patients until the rollout WhatsApp new features in official WhatsApp. Enjoy the 11 upcoming features.

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