How to Disable HDR Video Playback on Instagram
How to Disable HDR Video Playback on Instagram

Instagram lets users search posts from particular locations. Sometimes it happens that you want to visit somewhere or see the beautiful and popular area, monuments, etc. But you are unable to visit. But you can view the post from that particular location. If you really want to see the posts from any location then you can easily view the photos and videos from that locations or places.

Instagram has a feature to browse posts from any location. Today I am explaining to you about the Browse post from a particular location on Instagram. You have to read this post till the end to know more about this Browse posts from certain locations.


Search posts from certain locations on Instagram

It has a very unique feature that lets users search for posts from a certain location. Users are able to view any post from any location across the world. To search for the post you have to open your Instagram and bottom on the search icon at the bottom of the left corner. After this, tap on the search bar then tap on the Places on the top of the right corner.

When you tap on the search bar then you will see a lot of options to manage or enhance your search terms. Type any location in the search bar then tap on the search icon. It will show you the location that you search. It also suggests the location when you are typing. One more important thing is that when you tap on the places option then it shows you the nearby places option.

If you select the nearby places option then it will show all the posts (photos and videos) from your location nearby. But make sure you have enabled your location to search nearby places. Tap on the searched locations then you will see the map of that location on the top and post from that location below the map. You are able to see the top posts and Recent posts from that location.

You have to tap on the Top option to see the top posts from any location. Tap on the Recent option to see the recent posts from any location. By default, it shows the tops posts from a location that you have searched.

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