Prime Minister Narendra Modi said when addressing the nation on Tuesday the situation of Covid-19 that we all are in the State of war against the Covid-19 pandemic. PM Modi’s said we need to be vocal about local. PM Modi’s also said that we have to save ourselves form Novel Corona Virus and we also have to getting ahead at the same time.

Here are the highlights of PM Modi’s address:

  • PM Modi’s announce about the special economic package which play the very important roll in  Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. This is the total package of 20 lakh crore which is the 10% of  India’s GDP. This announcement is made by Government over Covid-19, desicion of RBI.
  • India have to buy the all things product from local. Because local suppliers full fill our need during the time of this crisis. So We have to vocal about local.
  • This is the really unimaginable for the mankind that the one small virus has ruined the world. It is not seen before this.
  • The Fourth Phase of lockdown means lockdown 4.0 is totally different from the previous lockdown. This lockdown is with set of new rule and also the announcement of lockdown 4.0 will be made before the 18 may.
  • Since the World started fighting against Covid-19 it has been 4 month now.
  • Today 2 lakhs PPE kits and 2 lakhs N95 masks are manufacturing daily. When this crisis started on that time not even the single PPE kit manufactured in India and Only few N95 Masks were available.
  • More than 42 lakhs people are infected by Corona virus and more than 2.75 lakhs people died by this Corona virus. In India also so many family lost their beloved because of this pandemic. I am expressing my sorrow to them.

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