snack video app
snack video app

A short video platform is most popular in India. The demand for the short video increase after TikTok and other short video platforms banned in India. Today I am explaining to you about the new short video app snack video. Read this post till the end to know more about this. similar

Snack Video.

Snack video is one of the most popular short video platform. You can use this app similar to TikTok. The feature of this app is the same as the TikTok.


You can create your short video on this platform and share talent with the audience. You can create the videos using its camera feature and also edit your videos using its video editing tools. It has also so many latest effects and AI filters. These effects and filters make your videos very unique.

If you are crazy to watch the short videos then you can use this app. You can watch your favorites dance, music, comedy, drama, lip-sync, etc videos. You can follow your favorites artist and social media influencers and watch their videos. If you follow the TikTok star then you will the so many TikTok stars here so you can also follow them here to

How can you use this platform on your phone?

You have to download the Snack video app and open the app after installing it. select the languages in which languages you want to use this app. You can now watch the video created by some users for free. Click on the account icon beside the notification icon and create your account.

You can create your account with Facebook, Google, and phone number. After creating the account you can upload your videos on this platform. You have to click on the + icon to upload your video.

In the home section, you will see the Trending section, following, and Nearby. The trending section will show you the trending video. The following section shows, you those creator videos whom you follow. The nearby section shows you those creator videos who are near your location. You can also search the creator or video in the searching section just tap on the search icon.

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