FFWS 2022 Sentosa Final
FFWS 2022 Sentosa Final

Free Fire World Series 2022: The Final Round of the FFWS is starting on May 21 (Today), in the Sentosa Islands, Singapore. The Qualified teams will compete to win the FFWS 2022. It is also giving some rewards to the viewers.

You can see the World series stream and get rewards. Today I am explaining to you about the Free Fire Sentosa Final and Prize Pool. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the Free Fire World Series Final.

FFWS 2022 Sentosa Final and Prize Pool

Free Fire World Series Sentosa final tournament will be streamed on the Free Fire esports Official YouTube channel from 6:30 pm IST (9 pm GMT+8). The Final of FFWS will be streamed in multiple languages. Free Fire Fan can also participate through the “Pick’N Win event”. Fans have to predict the winner and win the rewards.

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They will get the Room Cards, Gold Royale Vouchers, Sentosa World Token, etc. The World’s best 12 teams and players will compete for a total prize pool of $2 million and the title of Free Fire World Campion. The FFWS Winner will take home $500k out of the $2 million prize pool. The FFFWS first runners-up will be awarded $250k.

Third and Fourth-ranked teams will get an equal prize pool of $100k each. Fifth and Sixth-ranked teams will get the $90K. Seventh and eight ranked teams will get the $80K. Ninth and Tenth-ranked teams will get the $70k. The last two teams Eleventh and Twelfth teams will get the $60K each.

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Viewers will also get the Live Watching Milestone Rewards. FFWS sets the three milestones of 200K, 400K, and 700K and gives the rewards on these milestones. It will give the game Characters to the viewers when the 200K Live watching milestone will be completed. When the viewers complete the 400K live watching milestone then they will get the Dance Emote. When the Viewers complete the 700K live watching milestone then it will give the Gloo Wall to the Viewers.

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