Google use Performance Management System
Google use Performance Management System

Google Play Store contains several rules and regulations regarding safety and privacy. Once again, the platform bans apps as many personal details of the users were stolen. This once again became a warning for all smartphone users for the apps they download. Many apps on the Play Store have to agree and go through all the safety measures of the platform.

But, there are still some operators to insert malware applications into their apps.
Usually, the apps that Google Play Store banned directly or indirectly stole users’ personal information. Also, it subscribed to their premium even after the user declined to subscribe to it. The text messages intercepted became a problem as well.


Reports by Cloud security company – Zscaler

The information about these 50 Apps banned was given by the cloud security company Zscaler. The reason for the App ban – is infected with malware. Those 50 apps that were removed from Google Play Store contained three different malware families. Those were Facestealer, Coper, and Joker. The report by Zscaler states this.

The batch of terrible malware-infected apps – was filtered out by Zscaler. Plus, the addition of the Joker bug makes it more serious. Joker bugs usually target Android users. It’s one of the most terrible bugs as it comes with the ability to install all the premium dialers on devices along with hidden spyware.

Also, the bug also subscribes or sign-up to applications that have very expensive monthly plans. The company confirmed that the Joker bug has the ability to use users’ personal information in the wrong way. However, Not only the Joker bug but the Copper bug is also as terrible as the Joker bug itself.

The Coper malware infection gets access to users’ most personal information. It’s capable to unlock the lock screen of the device – no matter how hard the pattern or the password is, it can also send and interpret SMS texts, also not allowing the users to uninstall their applications. Usually, when the app is infected with this malware infection, it controls whether to uninstall the app from the user’s device or not.

Few reports statements

Many reports also claimed seriousness about the Joker bug, which “keeps finding its way into Google’s official app store by regularly modifying the malware’s trace signatures including updates to the code, execution methods, and payload-retrieving techniques.”

Further, the few reports also stated that “This malware is designed to steal SMS messages, contact lists, and device information, and to sign the victim up for premium wireless application protocol (WAP) services.” Several reports by Google and the review sections of the apps banned also stated that the users have to pay more than $250 a year for their subscription plans.

Most of the subscription plans were fraudulent and of no use. Along with this, a few of the reviews also stated that their personal information like phone numbers and location leaked during the period they used the app. Because of this, they received many phone calls regarding several plans, loans, and many more. Also, certain plans also sent in their message section.

List of Complete 50 apps removed from the Google play store

  1. Universal PDF Scanner
  2. Private Message
  3. Premium SMS
  4. Smart Messages
  5. Text Emoji SMS
  6. Blood Pressure Checker
  7. Funny Keyboard
  8. Memory Silent Camera
  9. Custom-Themed Keyboard
  10. Light Messages
  11. Themes Photo Keyboard
  12. Send SMS
  13. Themes Chat Messenger
  14. Instant Messenger
  15. Cool Keyboard
  16. Font Emoji Keyboard
  17. Mini PDF Scanner
  18. Smart SMS Messages
  19. Creative Emoji Keyboard
  20. Fancy SMS
  21. Fonts Emoji Keyboard
  22. Personal Message
  23. Funny Emoji Message
  24. Magic Photo Editor
  25. Professional Messages
  26. All Photo Translators
  27. Chat SMS
  28. Smile Emoji
  29. Wow Translator
  30. All Language Translator
  31. Cool Messages
  32. Blood Pressure Diary
  33. Chat Text SMS
  34. Hi Text SMS
  35. Emoji Theme Keyboard
  36. iMessager
  37. Text SMS
  38. Camera Translator
  39. Come Messages
  40. Painting Photo Editor
  41. Rich Theme Message
  42. Quick Talk Message
  43. Advanced SMS
  44. Professional Messenger
  45. Classic Game Messenger
  46. Style Message
  47. Private Game Messages
  48. Timestamp Camera
  49. Social Message
  50. Simple Note Scanner

Additional information

Many new warnings to smartphone users never stop. This time many users faced problems with their money as well. So, Google Play Store and the cloud security company Zscaler work on it continuously. But, the users must also beware of these applications that can potentially harm their phone, wallets, and their personal information.

Google Play store, of course, contains strict rules and regulations for the safety and privacy of their users but somehow the scammers get into it. However, knowingly or unknowingly many people fall into the traps of these scammers.

Many measures to take precautions are taken by the Google Play store to solve the problems. But, in one way or another, the malware attacks always change and with each change, it becomes more careful. Also, it becomes hard to find those.

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