Instagram Create AI Stickers from Photos

Instagram is rolling out a new AI tool that allows users to create and share AI Stickers from photos. Users can now easily create custom AI stickers from photos and share them in their chat.

Today I am explaining to you about the new ability to create the Artificial Intelligence Stickers from photos on Instagram. You have to read this post till the end to learn more about the new feature on Instagram for custom AI stickers from photos.


Instagram Create and Share AI Stickers from photos

Users can create personalized stickers using the text commands using the new ability to create AI Stickers. They can turn part of any photo into a sticker that they can use in their reels and stories. When the user creates a custom sticker from their photo Instagram will save them with other stickers so that they can access it at any time.

The new AI-generated stickers feature will allow users to create custom stickers using the text prompts. It is powered by Meta’s large language model LIama 2 and will generate multiple unique, high-quality stickers in seconds using prompts. The AI-generated stickers feature will be available on Instagram Stories and DMs.

Meta has also introduced the new generative AI tools in addition to the AI sticker maker feature. These new tools will let users edit pictures and create stickers using text prompts.




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