How to Send HD Photos on WhatsApp
How to Send HD Photos on WhatsApp

The most popular and widely used messaging platform WhatsApp has recently added another game-changer feature to send HD-quality photos. The new feature lets users send high-definition (HD) quality photos without reducing the quality of that photo.

Today I am explaining to you how you can send high-definition photos on WhatsApp on Android, iOS, and Web. You have to read this post till the end to know the complete Guide to sending HD-quality pictures on WhatsApp.


WhatsApp new High-definition photo feature

The process of sending a high-definition resolution picture on WhatsApp is quite similar on Android, iOS, and the Web but a little bit different. Follow these steps to send an HD-quality picture to your chat on WhatsApp without reducing the quality.

How to send HD-quality photos on WhatsApp?

To send an HD-quality picture, first, you need to update your WhatsApp. After this, open WhatsApp and go to chat (individual or group) to whom you want to send the HD-quality picture. Now select the large-size image to send to your chat. Note that, the small size image will not trigger the HD-quality photo option.

You will notice a new HD button on the photo-sharing screen when you are sending the picture. Tap on the HD button and a new pop-up window will appear that lets you select the photo quality.

By default, The Standard Quality option is selected for the photos so you can select the HD quality option and send it to your chat. When you send the photo, the recipient will see the photo with an HD label alerting them that it is a higher-quality image.




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