iOS 16 Release Date
iOS 16 Release Date

iOS 16, the next generation of iPhone’s operating system has been announced by Apple recently. Many cool and exciting features has been promised by Apple in its announcement that included iCloud photo libraries for families, fully customizable lock screen with widgets, Live Text in videos and so much more.

The release of its first beta has already been released by Apple to its developers to test with and get their apps ready as soon as possible. Public beta will be available very soon. Shortly, before September there’s no chance that iOS 16 will be released. However, there are some of us who doesn’t like to wait. So there’s a latest pre-release software and you can download.

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About sign up

So basically iOS 16 and the early beta releases aren’t available for public and they are available for only Apple developers. Maybe at late June or July Apple is about to release the public beta. But till then if you are willing to get your hands on it before the release you can try this method. Proceed only if you are willing to live with risk and sign up for Apple’s developer program.

Backup your iPhone

It’s is a beta software so there are chances that things may go wrong so make sure you keep a backup of your iPhone. Keep in mind that iPhone 13 or any other iPhone model warranty doesn’t cover an iPhone running iOS beta. So before you bring your phone to repair, make sure that you restore it to the iOS that has released already.
Having a backup is highly recommended.

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Sign up – Apple developer account

To enroll the Apple developer program, you’ll have to pay around $99. Individual and organizational registration is available. Individual registration is done very easily and not much documentation are required. Your legal name and address are more than enough. After the Apple approve the application, you can definitely use iOS 16 beta.

Sign up –Apple’s public beta program

Right now it’s not available but by signing up for it can make you get ready for it beforehand. Until the release of iOS 16, you will get all the iOS 15 point releases. But as soon as it gets released, you will be good to go.

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Install the iOS 16 beta configuration program

You can install iOS 16 after the release by downloading the proper configuration profile so that it makes easier you iPhone 13 or any other version to know that it’s Authorized to download the beta.

The steps may vary aa little for a public tester and a developer but once you’ve installed it, the updating process is same.

Install the iOS 16 beta

You are surely ready to download iOS beta once you have backed up your iPhone. Also when you have installed the iOS 16 configuration profile from Apple developer program or Apple bet software program.

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You can update iOS 16 just like other iOS software update. To download the iOS 16 beta it may take few minutes or an hour or maybe more than that. After that you can install it on your iPhone 13or any version of iPhone.

There are several steps on the Apple developer program that will guide you quickly for downloading the iOS 16 beta. Till then this is all you need to know about downloading it.

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