Instagram messenger rooms video

Facebook launched the Messenger Rooms feature to call up-to 50 people or friends. WhatsApp also rollout the Messenger Rooms feature in WhatsApp beta version. WhatsApp doesn’t launch the feature for the Android and iOS version of WhatsApp. It is expected WhatsApp launch the feature soon.

And Instagram also announces that it updates the feature to support video calls with 50 people using Messenger Room. Today I am explaining to you to video calls up to 50 people or friends using Messenger Rooms on Instagram. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

Instagram has announced on Twitter about the latest update. It also appears the way to make the group video call along with the process to send the invites to others. First of all, the user will have to enter Direct Messages on Instagram.

The User will find the video chat icon will appear on the top of the screen. Click on the screen will take you to a menu, where you will find the option to create a room. Then the app will ask to invite the people who you want to invite to join the video call.

Instagram messenger rooms video
Instagram messenger rooms

A link will also be included in this that is able to forward to those people who are not present on Instagram or Facebook. Now the app will ask you to Join Room and they will ask to open in the Messenger app. This feature is now officially available on Instagram.

To use this feature you must have the updated version of the Instagram and Messenger app. If you don’t have the updated version of any app in both of these. Then you are not able to use these features. So update the app and enjoy the video call.

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