GoogleGoogle rollouts 7 new features to Android Devices including...

Google rollouts 7 new features to Android Devices including End-to-End Encryption for messages, Emoji Sticker suggestion, etc



Google rollouts 7 new features to Android Devices. It has rollout the feature including End-to-End Encryption for messages, Emoji Sticker suggestion, etc


Google has started rolling out the new update for Android smartphones. Google rolled out the 7 new features to the Android Devices with the new update. The new update brings new features and improvements of the many features to enhance the users’ experience. Today I am explaining to you about Google New features. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

Google rollouts 7 new features for Android

Google is introducing seven new features to Android devices, announced in the Google Keyword blog. It has started rolling out the new update for Android smartphones on June 15. All these new features are part of these new updates for Android smartphones.

Earthquake Alerts System, Star for important messages, Emoji sticker suggestions, End-to-end encryption for messages, Voice command to access the app, and more features Google has rolled out for Android.


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  • Android Earthquake Alerts System

Google is introducing the new Android Earthquake Alerts System. “With this free system, people in affected areas can get alerts seconds before an earthquake hits, giving you advance notice in case you need to seek safety.

Google is introducing the new Android Earthquake Alerts System in Turkey, the Philippines, Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan”.


“As per the blog post, Google is prioritizing the launching of this system in countries with higher earthquake risks. More and more countries will receive this new alerts system over the coming year”.

  • Star important messages

Users can now mark their important messages with the star. Users can easily track their important messages once they mark their messages with the star. They have to just tap and hold the messages of their chat and then star those messages. Users can just tap on the starred category to find their important messages easily.

  • Emoji Kitchen sticker suggestion

Google has updated the Gboard and after this Gboard will suggest the emoji stickers based on the context of the last sent messages. The contextual Emoji sticker suggestion in the Emoji kitchen feature is rolling out for the Gboard beta users currently. This feature will soon roll out for all Gboard users.

  • Access more apps with voice

After the new update, Assistant is now easier to use. Users can open or search many third-party apps with their voice commands without opening those apps. You can say things like, “Hey Google, check my miles on Strava” and the Google Assistant will show your weekly progress right on the lock screen, or “Hey Google, pay my Capital One bill” to jump right into the app and complete the task. You can just command: “Hey Google, a shortcut to check their more commands without opening the app, etc.

  • Improved password input and gaze detection on voice access

Google is introducing the new gaze detection. It is also improving the app navigation with users’ voice with motor disabilities feature. As per the blog post “With gaze detection, now in beta, you can ask Voice Access to work only when you are looking at the screen so you can naturally move between talking to friends and using your phone. It will also let the user input letters, numbers, and symbols of the password”.

  • More customization on Android Auto

Google is adding more customization on the Android auto to improve the user experience. Users can easily personalize the launcher screen directly from their phone and manually set dark mode. It also says that We’ve also added new app experiences to help enhance your drive. Google is also adding EV charging, parking, and navigation apps that are now available to use in Android Auto.

It also improves the messaging experience of the users. Users can now access the messaging apps from the launcher screen. Users can also easily read and send new messages directly from apps like WhatsApp or Messages. This feature is now available globally.

  • End-to-end encryption on Google Messages app

Google has rolled out the most important feature End-to-end encryption on the Google Messages app. But the end-to-end encryption is only for one-to-one conversation not for group chat. This feature is for those users who have enabled the RCS (Rich Communications Services) SMS protocol. Users will be able to see the lock icon on the send button in the messaging app which confirms that the chat is secure with end-to-end encryption.

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