Google Photos storage plan
Google Photos storage plan

You must be using the Google Photos app to take the backup of your important photos, videos, documents, etc. Google Photos gives you the storage to upload your important photos, videos, and take the backup of these important photos, videos, documents, etc. When you upload your file or take the backup of your important file then it fills up the cloud space.

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Google has the feature that indicates or shows you the rest amount of cloud storage and you manage your cloud storage. But Google will now be ending the unlimited free storage. Today I am explaining to you about see how much Google photos storage plan will last and unlimited free storage will end with Google. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

Here are the full details about Google Photos storage plans that will left.

Recently Google announced, it will be ending the unlimited free storage. The unlimited free storage will be ending on 1 June 2021. Users have to pay the charge of cloud storage to store their photos and videos after free storage used. 15 GB of cloud storage is free you don’t need to pay if you used up to 15 GB of cloud storage.

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You can estimate your current storage when it will getting low using the new tools. This estimate will be based on your personal uploaded photos and videos. You can also see your Google Drive and Gmail storage space used.

The Google Photos Product Lead David Lieb visible the tool via the tweets explaining the development. Google said this change allows it to manage the high demand for cloud storage. It will not count your early uploads or if you upload your photos and videos before the ending of your free 15 GB cloud storage. After the implementation of this feature, it will also add the free new tool to it.

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This new tool feature helps you to manage your backed photos and videos. You can find how much storage is rest on your Google account. Google provides every Gmail account with 15 GB of free storage. You can buy more storage if you need more storage. The Google storage plan starts at Rs. 130 per month. You will get the 100 GB storage at Rs. 130. Also, you will get the 200 GB and 2TB storage at Rs. 210 and Rs. 650 per month plan.

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