Whatsapp three new features
Whatsapp three new features

You must be using WhatsApp for chatting and messaging with your friends and relatives. Sometimes your friend and relative forwarded a message to you, Like click on this link to get the free Jio recharge and other things. Basically those forwarded message is fake and you also forward those message to the other. What happens is that you become part of spreading the wrong information to the other knowingly or unknowingly. You should verify WhatsApp forwarded message.

WhatsApp forwards is already infamous for carrying wrong information and have the ability to spread widely without verification. WhatsApp is working on the new features which help to stop the spread of misinformation and fake news. The new feature helps you to cross-check the forwarded message is true or fake. WhatsApp beta version latest updates help you to frequently check the forwarded message on the web.

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WhatsApp labels the text and images forwarded on the top of the message. This is to indicate that the message may be not genuine since it has been forwarded multiple times on it. This new feature shows a search icon or magnifying glass icon in the beside of the forwarded message.

When you tap on the search icon WhatsApp will ask, if you would like to search this message on the google web. This text message will upload to the web to do the google search. This feature is only available for beta version but WhatsApp has confirmed it is testing these features and plans to roll it out to in the future. This feature helps you to verify the WhatsApp forwarded message.

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