WhatsAppWhatsApp offering the new tool to protect your account...

WhatsApp offering the new tool to protect your account from unauthorized access

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WhatsApp is offering a new tool to protect the users’ accounts from unauthorized access and improvement on account security. Recently it has rolled out the new Global voice note player feature for iOS beta users. You must be using it to stay connected with your friends and family and WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps.

Now it is releasing a new tool for users to protect their accounts. Today I am explaining to you about WhatsApp account security improvement. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the new tool to protect your account.

WhatsApp new tool to protect your account

WhatsApp has a very useful feature two-step verification to add more security layers to your account. Users have to enter the additional Pin of the two-step verification when they log into their account once they enter their 6 digits registration code. If any users forgot their Pin then they can request the reset link from their via their email to restore their account.

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Sometimes scammers are trying to log into your WhatsApp account and two-step verification prevents them from logging into your account. They try to get access to your two-step verification and sometimes they try to Sim Swapping and get the access. Sim Swapping is possible if they have the user’s personal details. If they can find the email address that you use for two-step verification then they can easily reset the email password. If the users use their phone number as a recovery method to reset their password.

Once they reset the email address password then they are also able to get the two-step verification PIN of your WhatsApp account and get access to your account. You should never your phone number if you use the two-step verification for your email address. You can use the authentication app to generate authentication codes. There are so many apps to generate authentication codes likes Google Authentications.

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