Stop your email tracking
Stop your email tracking

You may get shocked by knowing the fact that when you open an email, all the information about when and where you opened it gets tracked easily. The sender can find out these information details very easily in one simple step. This can be achieved by inserting a small code into the emails.

Whenever you receive any promotion email, your email can be tracked. Nowadays everyone uses this feature. More commonly companies use this feature in order to get more information about you for their promotions. Please read the information below to stop email tracking in Gmail and Apple Mail.


There’s an invisible 1×1 pixel image, a pixel tracker in the attached document, or a message sent by the sender. With the help of this, companies can get more information about the recipient. However, you may not mind if it comes from a trusted company.

Although, you can stop this as many email providers help you to stop email tracking. You just have to disable email tracking so that images won’t load automatically.

Turning off automatic image loading Through Gmail

  • In the upper right-hand corner, click on the heart icon and click on settings.
  • The images section is available on the general tab. Click on it. Click on the option that says, ask before displaying the external images bubble.
  • Click save settings by scrolling down at the bottom.

Through Apple Mail

  • Select preferences on the Mail tab.
  • Select the viewing tab. To disable email tracking, check the Load remote content in the checkbox of the message.
  • Use browser extensions to block email trackers

You can use many browser extensions to block email trackers. These extensions help in identifying all the emails you receive that secretly use trackers. These extensions block such emails for you beforehand. Although, you need to be cautious when you use them.

These extensions ask for your permission to have an access to your inbox. It also means that they can or cannot be able to scan the emails you receive. However, you can better choose ad blockers and script-blocked extensions to limit online tracking.

Stop tracking with a VPN

You can stop yourself from getting tracked on the internet by using VPN. There are many VPN threat protection features that help in blocking trackers and intrusive ads. With this, you will be less likely to get infected.

A virtual private network or VPN allows you to conceal your virtual location. With the help of this, hackers, companies, and also internet service providers won’t monitor and log your virtual location.

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