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Why is it important to keep the Aarogya Setu app in a phone? Full Details

It has already been said by the government. And our pm Narendra Modi, again and again, inform us about aarogya setu app. They also said that this is important to download in your phone. How will the Aarogya Setu app help you? And why is it so important to download. Let’s start from the beginning.

By the way, in this many features available at work, I will tell you about important features which are very important for you to know. With the help of this app, you can check any kind of coronavirus suspiciously. Important features are that Take self-assessment test. You can take the self-test of COVID-19 by the aarogya features. how to check self-test of COVID-19 just read below.

How to take the self-assessment test?

First of all, confirm whether you have such an aarogya setu app available on your phone or not? If yes, then open it

aarogya setu home
aarogya setu home

You will get to see this type of interview when you open this app. After that, you will have to turn on this call until you can get the test option.

Tap on the take self-assessment test option. After taping you will able see such type of interface.

aarogya setu home features
aarogya setu home features

Before tap on ok, got it to read carefully whatever mention above. Your correct answer helps them better. As a responsible citizen.

aarogya setu take self test
aarogya setu take self test

if you think anyone experiences the following symptoms. Then you choose. Or if you believe you haven’t experienced the following symptoms then frequently tap on none of above.

aarogya setu take self test
aarogya setu take self test

And you have ever had any of the following. If yes, then choose it following terms. If not, then tap on none of above.

aarogya setu take self test

Confirm that have you traveled anywhere international in the last 14 days. If yes then tap on yes. If not, then tap on no.

aarogya setu take self test

Again choose which of the following apply to you. Or nothing is apply in you then, tap on non of the above.

aarogya setu take self test

If you show such type of reply messages. Then you

These the test image has been taken by our team. Those who tested themselves and found low risk. Unfortunately, If you will not get such type of message. In this situation You should have it checked at your nearest hospital.

Our suggestion: stay home and stay healthy. And thanks to doctors, police, and who are helping to survive this epidemic of COVID-19. And download the aarogya setu app in your phone right now and take self-test of COVID-19.

Thanks for reading the post till the end. I hope this post is very useful to you.

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