Water Glass Sort Puzzle
Water Glass Sort Puzzle

Puzzle game helps you train your brain and leisure. One of the best Android phone puzzle games is Water Glass Sort for you. You can short the color water between the bottles.

Today I am explaining to you about the best Glass Sort Puzzle game. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the Color Water sort puzzle game.


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Water Glass Sort Puzzle game

The new Glass Sort Puzzle game is one of the best games that is designed to keep you hooked with its addictive gameplay and progressively challenging levels. You can pour the same color of water into the other bottle that is filled up with the same color of water.


  • Addictive and Challenging
  • Four levels of the game
  • Varied Difficulty Levels

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How to use and play the Glass Sort Puzzle game

You have to download the game from the Google Play Store. The Glass Sort Puzzle game download link is given below. Open the Puzzle game and select the level of the game. After selecting the level, you have to match the same color of water to all bottles.

You have to touch one bottle to select it. After this, tap on the other bottle to pour water same color water from the first bottle into the second one. Water can be poured into another bottle when both bottles have the same color on the top.

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They can only pour the same color of water from the first bottle into the second bottle when it has enough space to receive the water. Each bottle can only hold a certain amount of water.


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