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Oppo Introduce ColorOS 13 (Android 13) global launch is set for Aug 18; see what’s new




The Oppo Introduce ColorOS 13 custom skin for Android 13 will soon be available for Oppo’s global user base. On August 18, 2022, Android’s new skin will go global. Chinese smartphone manufacturer ColorOS 13 powered by Android 13 will go on sale on 18 August.

During the ColorOS 13 launch event on 18 August, Oppo will live stream the event on YouTube and Twitter. Despite not knowing what features will be in ColorOS 13, the company said that a brand new design will help provide a smooth, concise Android experience, as well as integrate Android 13’s privacy and safety features with customizations like Google’s Material You.

Moreover, Oppo says the features developed will enable devices with large screens to display the best possible experience, enable interoperability between multiple devices, and increase productivity.


Few features

A beta version of Android 13 has just been released, and ColorOS 13 will be based on it. Its highly anticipated that its AOSP will unveil next month. Android 13’s security and privacy features, including per-app language, new Material You themes, and a per-app language feature will include in it.

Oppo Introduce ColorOS 13, expected to bring improvements in large screen viewing, seamless device connectivity, and more, although no details have been revealed. A new design should also make it easier to navigate Android “in a concise and comfortable manner.” Since OnePlus’ skin is now more similar to Oppo’s skin, we can expect it to receive themes inspired by nature, a new Always-on-Display feature, and much more.

About the beta program

For those who wish to get a head start on the ColorOS 13 beta program, the beta program is currently open. You should keep in mind that the beta program – is limited to 1,000 users at a time. It’s available only to Thai, Vietnamese, UAE, French, Malaysian, Indonesian and Australian citizens.


For the Oppo Find N and Oppo Find X5 Pro (India), the ColorOS 13 beta will be available for these devices. A detailed description of these features, as well as the ColorOS 13 features, will release on August 18. Therefore, you should wait until next week when the event takes place.

Recent releases that relate to Oppo Introduce ColorOS 13

Some manufacturers are already announcing their Android 13-based custom skins, as speculations suggest the operating system may be officially launched in September. Oppo will make ColorOS 13 official later this month, following OnePlus’ announcement of OxygenOS 13. According to Oppo, it is not yet known which phones will receive the Android 13 update.

Oppo Reno 8 – is reported to be the first smartphone to offer it, according to some reports. However, it is best to wait until August 18, 2022. Let us know what you expect from this launch. Features of it aren’t revealed by the company yet but let us know what’s expected from your side. Till it gets launched, stay tuned to know about more upcoming features.


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