How to share Instagram reels with Avatars
How to share Instagram reels with Avatars

Instagram introduced Avatars recently for Android and iOS users. Users often use the new Avatars. Earlier the avatars were only available in the chat. But now Instagram allows users to use Avatars to share the reels. You can easily share the reels and react with the new Meta Avatar.

Avatars were available for some users but now it is available for more users. Today I am explaining to you about Share reels with Avatars. You have to read this post till the end to know more about Share reels with Avatars.

Share reels with Avatars on Android and iOS

To share the reels with Avatars you have to open Instagram on your Android or iOS smartphone. After this, you have to open the reel section and go to the reel that you want to share in a direct message or personal chat. You can also share the posts.

After choosing the posts or reels you have to click on the Share button. Select the account or person to share reel or post with whom you want to share the posts or reels. The Avatar button on the right side next to the Write a message will appear once you choose to send posts or reels.

Tap on the Avatar button and you will see the all Meta Avatar stickers. You can select any Avatar reaction with just a tap. You can send the posts with Avatars by following the same process.

Recently Instagram has rolled out the new Schedule feature for posts and reels. Users are now able to schedule their posts and reels to publish the posts and reels in the future. The schedule is an important feature for Content Creators to schedule their Posts and Reels to post in the future. Earlier users had to use third-party tools to schedule their Instagram posts and reels.

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