GoogleGoogle banned 3 malicious app from Google Play Store,...

Google banned 3 malicious app from Google Play Store, you should Delete them now




Google banned 3 Malicious apps from Google Play Store. These apps are stealing the personal information of users. You should remove these apps from your phone to keep your personal information safe. You must be downloading many apps from Google Play Store. Most of the apps are secure that you are downloading from Play Store.

But sometimes some apps are found harmful for users. Google always finding such types of malicious apps. Recently ith has found 3 malicious apps and banned them. Today I am explaining to you about Google’s banned malicious apps. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

Google banned 3 malicious app

Google banned Magic Photo Lab-Photo Editor, Blender Photo Editor-Easy Photo background Editor, and Pix Photo Motion Edit 2021 these 3 apps from Google Play Store. These apps not only steal the users’ personal details but also their money. These apps are banned now and not available on the Play Store. If you have downloaded these apps then you must have to uninstall or delete them as soon as possible.


According to the Security firm Kaspersky that these apps use the Facebook Login mechanism to steal users’ information. Most of the apps and web services use the “Login with Google” or “Login with Facebook” button to authenticate you quickly. These apps and web services authenticate users quickly and let them use their services.

Most of the users use the “Login with Facebook” button to authenticate the Web services and apps to use their services.

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