InstagramInstagram testing new longer stories segments of up-to 60...

Instagram testing new longer stories segments of up-to 60 Seconds




Instagram is testing the new longer stories of up to 60 seconds. Users will be able to post the longer stories format soon. Users can currently upload the 15 seconds clips. If you upload the story in under 60 seconds then it will be broken up into 15-second clips.

But it is testing the new longer stories format on Instagram. Today I am explaining to you about Instagram’s new longer stories. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the new longer stories up to 60 seconds.

Instagram testing longer stories of up to 60 seconds

Instagram Stories that are under 60 seconds in length will no longer be broken or split into 15-second segments. You will be able to post uninterrupted Stories that won’t be split. Users will get a notification letting them know that their videos no longer be split when this feature will release and you update your Instagram.


Instagram is prioritizing the video product and increasing the time limits on its video product. Instagram released the longer Reels time limits of up to 90 seconds in June from 60 second time limit. Recently it announced that all uploaded videos under 15 minutes time limit would automatically share as Reels.

Instagram is also testing the new Reposts feature. The Reposts tab will be available on the users’ profiles alongside the other tabs (Posts, Reels, and tagged). The new Reposts feature lets users share the other users’ posts they like on their feeds and give a better way to widely share others feed.

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