Google Chrome 3 New AI Features
Google Chrome 3 New AI Features

Chrome is one of the most searched and used browsers in internet history. Google developed this in September 2008. At that moment, the Internet browser was already captured by different search engines, which created a competitive situation for Google as a search engine.

However, after that, Google developed the finest search engine with advanced functions and usability. This also includes several additional features, that are still under the testing or experimental mode. These are called “chrome flags” and can access different additional features and the secret side search feature is one of them.



  • Can create a secondary sidebar, that can show all the search results together
  • Can help in comparative analysis of the websites and resources
  • Provides a better view and search experience
  • Time-efficient

The whole feature and all the associated benefits and significant for office users, students, content writers, etc. Working professionals can explore better opportunities and work experience.

How to Enable the Chrome Side Search feature?

The whole feature comes from the google flags. The user needs to access and enable the whole program from the chrome flag page of features. The process will follow,

  1. Open the URL, chrome://flags
  2. Search for the particular flag, side search
  3. Click on the drop-down, on the right side of the flag details.
  4. Click and select the Enabled

The dropdown option will take the color Blue. This will primarily not show any effect on the browser. The browser needs to be relaunched accordingly. However, the page will also show the relaunch option, after the dropdown is enabled. Though this will not help you right now.

IMPORTANT: You can see the “G” button, on the up-left bar of the chrome bar. With one click, you will enable the “side search” feature in the chrome.

Additional Things to Consider

The flag features are associated with an experimental program from Google. These are alike to the BETA version of different android and IOS applications. However, in this case, the user will be able to access new features, but it also comes with some faults or risks. The browser is not recommended for enterprise owners.

This affects the whole security management and safety of the browser. In that case, the risks must be avoided accordingly. The users are advised to use particular moderation and data backups for emergencies. It comes with particular risks such as,

  • User data and browsing history can be accessed and leaked
  • The browser history and other user data can be deleted accordingly.
  • The browser can show short lag and latency

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