TikTok leak privacy
TikTok leak privacy

TikTok is one of the most popular short video creating an app. More than 100 million of users use the TikTok. But now it messing with the user private data. It might TikTok leak your privacy. Two developers of Tik Tok are said that the privacy of the users is in danger. Today I am explaining to you how Tiktok leaks your privacy. Read the post till the end to know more about this.

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Disclamier: The lack is running on 15.5.6 ios version and 15.7.4 android version

Two developers of TikTok is said that the privacy of the users is in danger. Because it uses those networks to send its data into the data center which is not secure. In the normal word TikTok use unsecured Http to send the data into the data center and put the privacy of the users at risk. Developers are said that this lack in now only running in two versions, in the 15.5.6 version of iOS and 15.7.4 version of Android.

You know very well if anyone transfers the data with an unsecured and unencrypted HTTP network then the hacker can easily hack the transfer data. It is very possible to change those data with other data. Developer Talal Haj Berry and Tommy Mists gave the information by the blog post that hackers can replace the data from other data. it doesn’t mean the data is from the verified account or not and it is because of using unsecured HTTP used by the Tik Tok.

The developer also said that hacker can public the history of the users. TikTok is also dependent on the CDN network(Content Delivery Network) and the outer server. The developer also said that TikTok used the unencrypted and unsecured HTTP network to transfer the CDN and other data. If the developer word is true then millions of users’ data is at the risk. I hope TikTok can fix this lack or problem of both versions.

Thanks for reading the post till the end. I hope this post is very helpful for you.

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