BGMI new Virtual human ANA
BGMI new Virtual human ANA

Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) creator Krafton has created the first-ever virtual being that is powered by hyperrealism, rigging, and deep learning. BGMI developer Krafton is foraying into the virtual human segment with Ana.

Thanks to the ever-increasing hype around both the metaverse and Web 3.0 with the help of epic Unreal engine – the 3D high-end graphics tools, the development of the character named ‘Ana’ was completed. Recently, this virtual-human character that just looks like a real human was unveiled by the company.


BGMI new Virtual human being – Ana – its creation

Krafton is likely looking to take advantage of Web 3.0 technology by creating Ana. “This digital character display blurs the boundaries between a computer and a real human, displaying a hyper-realistic appearance. Ana is unlike any other virtual human that exists now using current technologies because she has features that are human-like, such as baby hair and fluff on her skin,” Krafton wrote.

As the photo of Ana teased by Krafton demonstrates, the virtual human was meticulously crafted. The picture makes Ana look almost real. Technological advancements will assist Ana in becoming a sensation, attracting the interest of people around the world. To help her make one of the most popular virtual characters, the creators of Ana are also set to come up with a new “unique story arc.”

What does creators says about Ana?

in keeping with the company’s mission, Ana uses Krafton’s unparalled technology to create hyper-realistic virtual human. “we are expecting Ana to capture the attention and popularity of Gen Z throught out the world”, said Josh Seokjin Shin, Head of Creative Center at Krafton.

Ana will be deployed in esports sector as well as entertainment sector by Krafton as a part of the goal in near future. The company is constantly planning to enter into the metaverse and developing blockchain games. The company also states that realistic digital characters will help establish its web 3.0 technology in the market.

According to what Seokjin Shin says, as a part of a future goal, Ana will be included in various sectors. Especially, in entertainment and esports activities will be increased as an influencer. For increasing the activities, Ana will be releasing original music tracks of her own.

Later in this year, the company also wishes to add some more information about Ana with the help of videos and images.

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