Battlegrounds Mobile India some rules
Battlegrounds Mobile India some rules

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the new name of the PUBG Mobile India game. The game is coming soon for the Indian Player. Before launching the game it has released some new basic rules for Youngsters.

The game reveals the LOGO of the game on its official YouTube channel. It was the most popular game before the ban. Players are waiting for the game deadly and the game is coming soon. Today I am explaining to you about Battlegrounds Mobile India some strict rules for Youngsters. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India some basic strict rules for Youngsters

The Battlegrounds Mobile India has five new rules for those users who are under 18. The new five rules will implement for youngsters for healthy gameplay. The addiction to the game may be harmful to the users.

  • Children PUBG Game account verification

The children who are under 18 have to provide their parent’s mobile numbers for verification. If they don’t provide their parent’s number then their account not be verified to Play the game.

  • The company will delete the account if created without parents consent

If any child provides their parent’s number for verification without their parent’s consent and creates their account to play and parents found that their child has provided their number without their consent, then they are able to request the company to delete their child’s account. The Company may delete your account.

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  • In-app purchases limit for users

The Players who are under 18 can only use Rs 7000 for in-app purchases. They are not able on in-app purchases of more than Rs 7000.

  • Time limit to play the game per day

Children who are under 18 are able to play the game for only 3 hours per day. More than the 3 hours are not allowed for underage users. These new rules help youngsters to not be the game addictive.

  • The game matching limit for Indian Players

The Game matching will be limited to the Indian players. There are Special E-sport tournaments for Indian players.

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