BGMI Finally relaunch in India
BGMI Finally relaunch in India

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the new rebrand of the PUBG Mobile India game. PUBG Mobile India fans are ready to play their one of the most favorite Battlegrounds game. Players or users of Battlegrounds Mobile India are waiting for the launch of the game. You can pre-register for the PUBG game on Google Play Store.

The pre-registration of Battlegrounds Mobile India started on 18th May. Recently it has crossed the 20 Million pre-registration. The release date of the game is closed and users are waiting for the game deadly. Today I am explaining to you about Battlegrounds Mobile India release date. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India launch

Battlegrounds Mobile India game is too close to its official release and it seems that the waiting of millions of users is closer to end. The Battlegrounds Mobile India posted on Social Media that ” It’s almost time”. This post has gone viral on Social media. The Battlegrounds Mobile India also wrote, “Time for re-building memories, playing with your friends, and celebrating with chicken dinner”.

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Krafton didn’t announce the game release date. The company only said the game release date will be announced later. It seems that the game will launch soon. But it believes that Krafton would launch Battlegrounds mobile India on 18th June.

Recently the Battlegrounds Mobile India has crossed 20 Million pre-registration. The pre-registration of the game started on 18th May. The developer says that 7.6 million users pre-register the game on the first day of game pre-registration. Currently, it has crossed 20 million pre-registration. The game has got over 12.4 million more game registration within just two weeks.

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