Battery Charging Animation Eff App
Battery Charging Animation Eff App

Get attractive battery charging screens and really cool animation graphics for better charging. Also, all this can be customized by your choice of text colors and backgrounds.

You can also set a charging alarm for your battery. The alarm can be set on a full battery charge or your choice of percentage. Also, set an alarm for low battery. So that you can charge your phone and never run out of battery.


Features of Battery Charging Animation Eff

  • Turn on the charging animation to have the animation play on the screen.
  • Select from more than 20+ cool Charging animations.
  • Adjust its size as you may like on the screen.
  • Adjust opacity, set rotation, and adjust the position of animation on the screen.

Customize Battery Charging Screen

  • Set the service on to run a customized charging animation screen while you charge the phone.
  • Select the theme of the charging screen.
  • Customize the themes with your choice of font colors and backgrounds.
  • Also, you may add your own photo to the gallery.

Battery Alarm

  • Set alarm for full battery charge.
  • Or set an alarm for a particular percentage of battery charge.
  • Also, set an alarm for low battery charge with your choice of battery percentage.
  • This helps you to never run out of battery.
  • Adjust the alarm tones of your choice.

A complete battery charging screen and battery animation app that will help you get a new look at the charging screen while you charge your phone.

How you can use this app?

If your mind is set this way you decided to install this app. Then I have the best or most important solution. just set your battery animation to what you want to see in battery format.

After downloading you need to open this app and go into settings, you will see the accessibility option needed to enable it, and if you don’t want to read any note, message, article then you can easily click the ok button.

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