Who touched my phone app
Who touched my phone app

You always set the password to your phone for a security person. But after this, someone tries to unlock your phone. Many times you want to know who tries to unlock your phone. You have the curiosity to know.

You always want to monitor your phone for unauthorized attempts to unlock it. Today I am explaining to you about identifying the unauthorized person who tries to access your phone. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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WTMP – Who touched my phone, Who tried to unlock

This is one of the best apps that will help you to secure your phone. It takes a picture of the person who unauthorizes and tries to access your phone.


  • Dark and Light Theme
  • Failed to unlock attempts monitoring
  • Successful unlock attempts monitoring
  • Authentication on app entry
  • Show app notification
  • Select the Limit of reports
  • Cloud Sync etc

How can you use the Who Touched My Phone app on your phone?

Make sure you have already the Who touched my phone, Who unlocked tried to unlock app on your phone, if you don’t have it you must download this app. Now how can you download this app on your phone?

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Go to the end of the post where you will find the download button. Press the download button to download and install the app on your phone. Open the app after installing and swipe left the screen or tap on the Next button then tap on the finish option. After this tap on the power button icon and grant permission.

After this go to the setting option enable the Failed unlock attempts monitoring and tap on the Activate option. Select the Failed to unlock attempts one tap and close the app. It will capture your phone’s unauthorized and authorized photos once anyone attempts to access your phone with access timing.


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