Instagram Add Lyrics to Reels
Instagram Add Lyrics to Reels

After hearing this news, this sounds like a terrible idea. I mean come on we aren’t doing something on Instagram that’s shady. Then why are they (Instagram) verifying your age? Is it true that they are having a secret eye on us? Why are they asking for so much information? Plus, it’s just a video selfie.

Many thoughts just pop up in your mind for no reason after this news. But, you know what? This could be a better idea and services to you might also go beyond your expectations. Plus, it’s just a video selfie.


Do you remember those days when we all used to lie about our age? I mean come on we have all done that. After lying about it, the entire breadth of the World Wide Web was just like an open space for us. Okay, now those are the old days.

Some companies are trying hard to crack this down and do not let any access to the specific age group. They are the younger ones and the reason is pretty obvious. The world of the Internet has become bigger and bigger and also harmful.

If you are old enough then maybe you aren’t aware of the fact that Instagram requires its users to be at least 13 years old. Now, let’s consider that you are younger than the required age and you’ve faked your birthdate just to for using Instagram. Well, Instagram would love when its users are increasing but this is a serious issue for them.

Okay, now let’s consider you logged in and you are using and enjoying its services. Suddenly, let’s consider that you just turned 13, or let’s consider that you want to change your birthdate in your account. To do this and to justify your age (Instagram verifying your age), the app will now ask for proof.

Okay, now you might be wondering what are they going to do. Check your I’d proofs or Passports. Just what exactly are they going to do? Some…peculiar methods would have to be employed to accomplish this.

Is there any update regarding how are they going to verify your age?

Recently, Instagram released a blog in which they explained the change in detail. Shortly, if you want to change your birthdate, just know that you’ll have to verify that. Now, without exaggerating the matter, let us tell you some simple three ways with the help which they are going to verify. Again, there are only three ways to do so.

First of all, this one is the most straightforward, you’ll have to take a picture of your I’d and send it to Instagram. Yes, we’ve already guessed this before. We’ve checked all three methods and trust us, this is the most simple one as compared to the others. Other methods are a bit complicated and to add more exaggeration, it’s more than just weird.

The second method involves the use of an AI feature called Yoti. Here, you have to click a video selfie in which this AI feature is going to analyze your facial features from multiple angles and estimate your age. Nowadays we are all watching these kids with mature faces so there is a chance that they might not face any problems relating to that.

Again, there is a group of people that are blessed with baby faces. Now, they might face problems with it. For this group, we might suggest make-up for verifying your age. We are sorry for this suggestion but you know AI is just a feature so it might also make mistakes to estimate your age. Otherwise, the best option is to go with the first option.

Some additional information about Yoti that might solve many of your queries

Some of them might think that it makes no sense for using an AI for confirmation of age. we’ve all been a part of a trend where a filter guesses our age right and yes it doesn’t work right for everyone. Well, there’s a huge difference in both cases.

Here, it’s about verifying your age. Okay, now this looks so great, and give it a try type feature. But, this just looks well and good on paper but do you know the fact that guessing someone’s age and telling whether they are old or young is more like science?

Yoti, on the other hand, seems to crack the code. It’s so reliable that it has got Age Check Certification scheme verification. Along with this, it has also been regulated by a German regulator for its accuracy. Amazing right?

We agree that nothing is perfect and there might be something that might cause an error. Well, guess what? You are right. Currently, it has an error margin of about 1.5 years for ages 13 to 19. To accommodate this margin error, some companies also require Yoti to recognize older ages.

Example –

To verify that someone is truly 18 years old, Yoti sometimes has to acknowledge that a person is 23 instead of 18. However, it’s not clear whether Instagram will work similarly or not.

Whenever you are deleting the data that is used to verify your age after each and every check is performed, everything is just refreshed. After deleting it, Yoti is unable to recognize your age and hence you can verify your age after that as well.

What is the third method for verification?

Let’s assume that you didn’t like the options that are given above and are willing to know the other option. It’s always better to know all options and choose the easiest one right. Well, we won’t say that this is the easiest one as compared to the first option but still, you can also choose the third and the last option.

Of course, you aren’t a fan of waiting for verification for like 2 days. Yes, we mentioned 2 days so that a human will have a look at your I’d and then verify it. No one wants to wait for too long right so here’s a quick one. Another option that Instagram has opted for is called “Social Vouching”. Here you need a friend to verify your age.

That particular friend must be on your mutual friend list and he/she has to confirm your age. If the outcomes match, you are verified. However, it’s not that simple as well and not even hard as well. There are simple requirements that these mutual followers or friends will have to fulfill.

Your mutual followers or friends should be over 18 years. Also when they are vouching for you, they cannot vouch for someone else at the same time either. Along with this, there are also some unknown and unspecific safeguards in place.

This feature is yet to roll out in public because they are currently in testing. Although, this feature is available for the users of the US. Later, this feature will come out for every other country’s users.

Why is this new age verification added to Instagram?

With the ever-growing competition and high expectations of serving right, Instagram has more than one or two reasons to know about you. One of the very important reasons, Instagram is trying its best to serve you best with good experiences on the app by verifying your age. Secondly, preventing underage users is the main concern.

Let’s pretend for a minute that you are in between 13 to 17 years of age. After your account is made, the app will try to keep you on the safe side as much as possible. It will only allow the adults that you know to message you privately. Along with this, there are many other options on your display when you come in between this age group.

Instagram verifying your age feature started in 2019 when it was optional. But from the last year, it became mandatory to provide the date of birth. It started with the met-backed photo sharing app from which giving details like your date of birth was mandatory. However, to make it not look boring, this information was gathered in the middle of looking at the videos and photos while taking short breaks.

It was even asked before uploading the content for their followers as well. Until now, these methods and prompts are bypassed. If the age restrictions are made mandatory in near future, then, this will help Instagram to re-direct all the young audience and users to the new app that will get launched shortly.

With the help of all the information about age from its users, Meta is supposed to generate more and more ad revenues by serving all the targeted ads. Probably, due to the new age (Instagram verifying age feature) information, the accuracy rate for the targeted audience will be more specified.

A short look at new recent features that Instagram has made

Recently, we’ve all seen so many more updates and new features on Instagram, and still, there are so many more plans that are yet to come. 2022 is promising when it comes to security, accessibility, and promotion on Instagram. The platform is taking care of almost everything from Grid pinning to age restrictions.

Now, to secure and make user experiences more over the top, these changes are just more than necessary. We believe that age restriction and verification (Instagram verifying your age) are to keep younger minds away from the dangers of social media.

However, let’s have a look at the recent new updates that Instagram has made and we are almost getting used to it to get more exposure and reach.

  • Instagram Grid pinning
  • profile Embed – The capability to embed Instagram videos and photos on the website isn’t new, but the ability to embed a full profile was unavailable until recently. well, now it’s possible.
  • Instagram map search
  • Instagram shops and In-shop ads
  • 60 seconds Instagram stories
  • Instagram Playback
  • Managing Instagram chats from the desktop
  • 2022 Instagram is also explained in short detail – Recently Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri explained the Instagram Algorithm in short through his videos on his Twitter account. However, for a long time, it was a mystery for many of us. Although we have all tried and guessed so many things to reach the top through the trials and fail process.
  • 2022 Instagram reels updates
  • New Instagram stories interactive stickers
  • Instagram creative mode – Recently, this feature is released for all the people with more than 10,000 followers. To help influencers grow and have a good experience out of it, Instagram is constantly working on this feature and providing updates regarding this feature.

Instagram Creative mode

This feature allows them to manage their account simply. Messaging is made super easy and the account statistics are also shown in a simple form. For all the influencers and other creators, this mode has made quite a lot of difference.

All the new features like marketing tips are given through which they can evolve on a constant basis and use them to their advantage. Of course, it helps in creating new content as well. The use of different filters also adds up more to the good Instagram experience. However, there’s also a professional Dashboard where they can manage and regulate their account more efficiently.

  • Instagram Posts collabs – This is a new feature that has been released for a long time now. With the help of this feature, you are now able to collaborate with other Instagram users/creators.
  • Instagram Reels visual replies
  • Hiding Instagram likes. However, it is optional
  • Updated Instagram Insights
  • Instagram Professional Dashboard – This feature was introduced in 2021. There are a lot of helpful features in this mode that are very useful for the creators. This feature is also available for the business accounts along with the creators with a high number of followers.

The tools and resources that are available in this feature are –

  • Saved replies
  • Overall account Performance
  • Branded Content approvals
  • Instagram Insights
  • Instagram Shopping
  • Promotions

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