YouTubeYouTube testing the picture-in-picture mode feature for the iOS...

YouTube testing the picture-in-picture mode feature for the iOS users.



YouTube testing the picture-in-picture mode feature for the iOS users according to the report.


YouTube is one of the most popular social platforms in the world. You will find all types of videos on this related to any topic on this app. It is also the most popular streaming app. You must be using YouTube in the day or night for entertainment or education purposes.

YouTube is now testing the Picture-in-Picture mode for iOS. Today I am explaining to you about the YouTube testing Picture-in-Picture feature in iOS. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

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Here is the full detail about the YouTube Picture-in-Picture mode on iOS.

Picture-in-Picture mode allows you to play the video in small size in any place like in any app and on any place of your phone screen. The Picture-in-Picture will also support in the iOS. The Apple iPad users have already the Picture-in-Picture mode support in iOS 9. This iOS 9 has launched in 2015.

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Also, iPhone users are seeing the picture-in-picture feature in the betas of iOS 14. The iPhone users are seeing this PiP mode feature since the launch of the betas iOS 14 a few months back.


According to the report Now, YouTube is testing the Picture-in-Picture mode for iOS users. Also according to another report, some of the Twitter users are also seeing the pip mode on some iOS users through the YouTube app.

The new Picture-in-Picture mode feature is tested on the latest version of the YouTube app on iOS. You can watch the videos in the small window after closing the app once you enable the picture-in-picture mode feature.

When you enable this feature on your iOS then the small window will float on your screen to watch in a small window. You can keep the window on any place of your device screen as your comfort.


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