Apple Podcasts Transcripts Feature available on iOS 17.4
Apple Podcasts Transcripts Feature available on iOS 17.4

Soon, it will be easier to listen to a new podcast on your iPhone. With the iOS 17.4 software update, Apple is bringing some significant changes to iPhones, one of which is the ability to auto-generate transcriptions for Apple Podcasts. Transcripts can now be automatically generated by Apple Podcasts on iPhones running iOS 17.4 or higher.

Listeners will find it simpler to follow along with their favorite shows as a result. As of now, only podcasts in the languages of English, French, German, and Spanish will have transcripts available. It will be accessible in more than 170 nations and areas.


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How to play the audio and get the text of the transcription

Users can see a live text version of a show, and the words are highlighted as they listen, just like with lyrics in Apple Music. People can also tap on any part of the transcript to play the show at that point.

People can get to the text by clicking on the new “quote” icon at the bottom of the “Now Playing” screen. You can also see the transcript without hearing it by pressing and holding on to the episode details page and choosing “View Transcript.”

Apple’s software automatically creates a transcript for each new episode that is released. It makes sense that the tech giant states there will be a “brief delay” while it processes the transcript, so it could not appear right away after the episode is posted.

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Transcriptions of back catalog episodes will be provided “over time,” Apple said. For those wondering about the episodes they skipped because of the unavailability of transcripts or those having existing podcasts in their playlist, do not worry, transcript support for back catalog episodes will be added gradually so that your complete library will finally benefit from this effective text companion.

It also claimed that while their transcripts would include spoken words, they would not include song lyrics. While Apple Podcasts Connect can automatically generate transcripts, authors also have the option to share their own transcripts by adjusting the Availability tab setting.

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Podcasters who want their episodes to be transcribed accurately must adhere to Apple’s quality guidelines. Podcasts with individuals chatting over one other or music may not have as accurate a transcription, according to Apple. If a user decides to upload a file, it has to be an SRT or VTT file.

For further accuracy, a podcaster can also alter a transcription. It’s crucial to remember that transcripts that are uploaded but don’t match Apple’s requirements won’t be shown. For example, there should be no mistakes in punctuation or spelling.

According to Apple, cross-talk episodes, in which numerous people speak at once, may “limit the quality of the transcription.” When content restrictions are activated, transcripts for “explicit episodes” are likewise hidden. Apple also refuses to transcribe music lyrics.

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Recently, Apple released iOS 17.4 in beta. The majority of the changes, which include a new price structure, new frameworks and APIs for alternate browser engines, and new ways to distribute iOS apps from alternate app stores, are relevant to EU developers. The public is anticipated to receive iOS 17.4 in March.

What makes them so revolutionary?

For both listeners and creators, transcripts open up a multitude of advantages:
Accessibility: They improve podcast listening for those who would rather read or have hearing problems.

  • Multitasking: Make the most of your podcast time by reading along while working out, driving, or doing housework.
  • Information retrieval: You can quickly search an episode for particular words or phrases to save time fast-forwarding and rewinding.
  • Making notes: Write down important ideas and quotations for later use.
  • Discover: Before listening, peruse transcripts to get a sense of what’s being covered in each episode.
  • SEO: By using transcripts, podcasts can be found more easily in search results.

Considering the future

The addition of transcripts represents a major advancement in the usability and accessibility of podcasts. We may anticipate much greater adoption and innovation as the technology develops and gains support for additional languages. Imagine content producers utilizing transcripts for targeted advertising or content production, or incorporating interactive aspects within them.

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Transcripts for the Podcasts app on Apple is a much-needed innovation that will transform how you browse and discover your favorite programs. You can finally put an end to frantically reaching for notepads and fast-forwarding to capture that elusive quotation. Prepare to use Apple’s Podcasts app to listen, search, and go deeper than ever before.

So, will podcasts be transcribed in the future? Millions of listeners benefit from this useful addition, which isn’t necessarily a full replacement. Listen in, follow along, and learn how to interact with the podcast world in a whole new way!

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