5G network connection to India
5G network connection to India

As for the latest update by the Department of telecommunications, The Indian government is going to launch a 5G network connection spectrum on 26 July in India. The new update will help the normal citizens to conduct their work online in the pandemic situation.

The government had purchased high quality 5G spectrum to provide a convenient and first 5G network for both the public and for business owners. Besides, the government is providing the high-speed network to the public at a very low cost.


The government of India has already passed the bill for 5G connection in the Parliament. Besides, with the guidance of the telecommunications department, the government is planning to work on the initial set up process for a 5G connection.

Evolution of India with 5G Network Connection in India

The government in consultation with the telecommunications department has declared 8 July the last date off submitting the applications for taking part in the auction of the spectrum. The auction will be held for 20 days. The live auction will be held and will be published publicly. The final result of the auction will be declared after 26 July.

The government has demanded bank insurance to take part in the auction. The spectrum will be 72097.85 MHz. It can emit different ranges of frequency. It will provide a low frequency from 600 MHz to 2300 MHz and a mid-frequency range of 3300 MHz. 5G network also provides a high frequency of 26 GHz for the industries and business purposes.

The government has stated that the installation of a new eco system will provide employment to many. Besides, it will help the new businesses, and enterprises to grow. The government has also instructed the big telecommunications companies which include Jio, Airtel and Vodafone for a cost reduction on the plans.

It is estimated that the private telecommunications companies can generate and provide 10 times better connections compared to a 4G connections. Besides, they can provide better prepaid and postpaid plans with additional features.

The Department will publish the auction rule to the bidders by the end of June. Initiate the 5G connection will be available only in 13 cities of India which include Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Delhi and Chennai. The government is also trying to provide a 5G network connection all over India by the end of 2022.

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