no crop for WhatsApp DP app
no crop for WhatsApp DP app

I am going to talk about common problems Which all the people are currently facing this thing. Maybe you also facing this problem right now. The problem is that while you try to add a Whatsapp profile image and your image size is too large as compared to WhatsApp profile size. while you put an image on the profile it not be taking full image size that is exactly the image size. In this case, you become stupid. Add the profile image without cropping a photo.

I observe that someone you all are trying to crop that image from another app. But still your image not be completely set on the WhatsApp profile.


Your happiness moment doesn’t take on your profile. It buycotts your moment and very sad for you. How did you get out of this problem? To get rid of all these troubles we brought for you all WhatsApp cropping app. That will fill with happy color on your profile image. It means that it will prevent cutting the WhatsApp profile image.

No Crop for WhatsApp DP App.

How it prevents cutting the WhatsApp profile image and how you can set a full image on the WhatsApp profile without cutting. These answers get to read further below. if you want to know how it works so keep reading till the end. Let’s have start from the beginning.

Consider it requires some essential permission to access: allow to access gallery image or video.

It has a Most common feature that prevents cutting the WhatsApp profile image. Add the profile image without cropping

Note: it is only applicable for WhatsApp profiles that is not enough.

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