Snapdragon BGMI Pro Series Challenge Season
Snapdragon BGMI Pro Series Challenge Season

PUBG ban in 2020 created a huge shock in the gaming community. Later, this decision received acceptance from the community but still, the news haunts the community. BGMI’s launching statement created a new excitement among the community. But, its ban again crushed all the excitement of the fans.

As of now, the chaos in the gaming community in the eSports sector in India is insane. Even after you have a look over the reactions of the fans, you’ll see the shock. And, of course, there’s one question asked constantly. The question is BGMI banned permanently or temporarily? Now, answering these questions will be like aiming an arrow in dark.


Several gamers claimed that the game is banned temporarily. But, without official statements from Krafton and the authorities from the Government of India, Nothing can be considered real. All the sentiments for these popular games – have already been crushed. This is why there’s one way we are sharing for how to play BGMI after the ban.

Play BGMI after the ban

Also, there’s a huge community that constantly asks how to play BGMI without installing it officially. Sounds weird but such questions really broke the internet.

After the removal of the game officially, there’s no way to play the game. However, you can share the app if your friend has got one. Also, there are many people from the gaming community who are sharing the links and the other options for you to install the app and play it.

Although, it’s highly recommended that you shouldn’t go through any random link. But, the BGMI app can be shared through apps that share apps.

Several attempts made by the company to resolve the issues with the authorities. But, the company officially stated that it was about to switch the server off for the game. Now, coming to the question of how to play BGMI, you cannot play until you’ve got the app. It’s that simple!

There are two ways for it. First, if you’ve already installed the app before its removal then you can play the game. But, if you didn’t install it the second option is for you. The second option, already mentioned above – is to share the app from one to another.

Krafton statements

After the BGMI ban in India, the developers of BGMI said that “We are clarifying how BGMI was removed from Google Play Store and the App Store and will let you know once we get specific information.”

Along with this, the Reuters report claims that “India’s government blocked a popular battle-royale format game from Krafton Inc, a South Korean Company backed by China’s Tencent, as it was concerned about its data sharing and mining in China, an Indian Government Source said.”

Final words

The tips shared above are the only ways with the help which you can play BGMI on your smartphone. Other than this, there’s no way you can get your hands on this game. Further details about the game aren’t cleared yet.

While everyone’s eyes are on the recent statements of Krafton and authorities of the Indian government, you can choose other games as well. If you have installed the BGMI, play the game before the server shut down. Later on, there are several other options for you to choose from other than BGMI for now.

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