How to Delete Comments on Instagram
How to Delete Comments on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular photos sharing Social Media Platforms but now it is more than a photo-sharing platform. Instagram allows users to chat with other users, and send photos and videos. Sometimes you must receive inappropriate messages from other users on your DMs that are not suitable for you then you can report that message.

Instagram allows users to report inappropriate messages from other users. Today I am explaining to you about reports messages on Instagram. You have to read this post till the end to know more Report messages.


How to report a message on Instagram

To report the messages, you have to open Instagram on your smartphone and go to the chat. After this, tap and hold the individual message that you want to report. You will see the ‘Report’ option in the middle of the bottom. You have to tap on the Report option to report on Instagram.

It also allows users to choose a reason for why they are reporting the message. The report will be submitted once you select the reason why you are reporting. If you are reporting messages on iOS, when you tap and hold the message then you will see a Report will over the message. Tap on the Report option over the message and submit the Report.

How to report Conversations on Instagram?

Instagram allows users to report the entire chat with one other person that they think is inappropriate for them. Reporting a Conversation on Instagram is easy. One of the important this is that this feature does not work for group chats.

To report a conversation you have to open Instagram on your smartphone. After this go to the conversation that you want to report. Tap on the user Profile name at the top of the chat and go to the end of the Details. At the bottom of the left corner, you will see the Report option.

Tap on the Report option and select a reason Why you are reporting the conversation and tap on the Submit report. The conversation will be reported once you tap on the Submit Report option. Instagram will review up to 30 recent messages sent in the reported conversation.

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