WhatsApp Media Upload Quality feature
WhatsApp Media Upload Quality feature

WhatsApp is rolling out the new redesigned emoji keyboard to improve user experience. The newly redesigned keyboard allows users to get a wider view of the keyboard. Users can scroll the keyboard upwards to get a wider view of the keyboard.

Today I am explaining to you about WhatsApp’s new redesigned keyboard. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the newly redesigned emoji keyboard.


WhatsApp rolling out rew redesigned emoji keyboard

The meta-owned messaging app has relocated the tab for accessing the gifs, stickers, and avatars higher up on the keyboard. It has also arranged the media sharing and emoji keyboard buttons.

The newly redesigned emoji keyboard is rolling out for some lucky beta testers. The redesigned keyboard is available in the Android beta version and iOS beta version

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is rolling out the new Channels feature for users to send and receive important messages. Users can get broadcasts update from individuals and organizations that Matter to them with the help of this new channel feature.

WhatsApp channel feature is very useful for businesses or organizations and creators. Individuals and organizations can share photos, videos, text, stickers, and polls to give updates to the people who have subscribed. The meta-owned messaging app will replace the status section with a new tab called Updates which will contain both status and channel updates.

Users can use this feature for more purposes from sharing updates on hobbies and sports teams to receiving news from local officials, and much more. They can also easily find and follow channels based on their hobbies, sports teams, and more with the upcoming searchable directory feature.

Meta-owned messaging apps ensure that the Channel Admins’ personal information is always protected. Admin phone numbers and profile photos remain hidden from the followers. Also, the followers’ phone numbers will be hidden from admins or other followers.



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