WhatsApp Disable link Previews
WhatsApp Disable link Previews

WhatsApp is rolling out a new security feature called Email Address to provide a more secure experience. Users can use their email addresses as an additional way to access their accounts on WhatsApp.

Today I am explaining to you about WhatsApp’s new additional way to access your account. You have to read this post till the end to know more about additional ways to access your account using the new email address feature.


WhatsApp rolling out new Email Address Feature

The new email address feature has been discovered on the Android beta version The meta-owned messaging app has added a new called “Email address’ that allows users to associate an email address to their WhatsApp account for added security. Users can use the email address to access their accounts in certain situations.

The new email address feature is optional but it is recommended by WhatsApp to enable it if you like to log into your account on another device email. But note that the option to use the SMS is still available to access your account. The email address feature is an additional layer of security that offers an alternative way to access their account.

Even if the users choose to associate their email address with their WhatsApp account, still they need their phone number to create their account and they will always have the option to log into their account using their phone number. Users’ phone number remains the unique identifier for their account and a fundamental and essential way to log into their account.

The new ability to protect your WhatsApp account using an email address is currently available for some beta users on Android. The new email address feature is available on the Android beta version But some WhatsApp users for Android have also discovered this feature on Android beta version and respectively.

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