Recharge the other users with Jio POS Lite app and Earn Commission.


Jio launched a new Jio POS lite recharge app. This app allows you to become the Jio partner and earn a commission with this. It is now available on Google Play Store. There is no need for a hard copy to register in this app. It is a very easy process to register in this app. All you have to do this enter the required information and submit. Now you are the partner of Jio. It is not required for physical verification if you becoming the Jio partner through this Jio app. Anyone can recharge other users and earn the commission of the recharge.

You may already recharge the other customer with the My Jio app and its website but it never gives you any recharge commission. But When you recharge the other user with The POS Lite app it offers you 4.16 percent of the recharge. You have to install this app and grant all the necessary required permission. This app asks you to register and becomes the Jio partner. When you register with this app it asks to load the money in the app wallet. It has a very special passbook feature, with the help of this feature you can see your transaction and earn 20 days.


jio POS recharge
jio POS recharge

To do this you must have the Jio number otherwise you cannot use this app and cannot get the benefit of this app. All the agents get the Rs 4.166 extra of per Rs100 spend by this app that 4.16 percent of the recharge amount. So you can easily earn commission by recharging the other Jio customer through the Jio POS Lite app.


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