Netflix four Subscription plans in 2023
Netflix four Subscription plans in 2023

Netflix’s four new subscription plans in 2023 are introduced for users. It is always in the news for increasing the price of its subscription plans and now it is in the news for lowering the price of its Subscription plans. It is reducing the subscription plan costs in more than 30 Countries.

But unfortunately, it doesn’t reduce the price of the subscription for Indian users. Today I am explaining to you Netflix’s new subscription plans after cutting prices. You have to read this post till the end to know more about Netflix’s new subscription plans in 2023.

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Netflix’s new lower subscription plans

Currently, Netflix offers four plans in India starting from Rs 149. It offers four plans from Rs 149 to Rs 649 and each plan offers a different number of screens from 1 screen to 4 screens on which content can be viewed simultaneously.

Here is the list of four Netflix subscription plans

  • Netflix Rs 149 Only Mobile plans
  • Netflix Rs 199 Basic plan
  • Netflix Rs 499 Standard plan
  • Netflix Rs 649 Premium plan

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Netflix Only Mobile plan of RS 149

The only mobile plan offers only 1 screen and content can be seen on a single screen at a time. Users can access the content on a smartphone or tablet. This plan is only a mobile plan so you won’t be able to use your Netflix account on Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, or any other big screen including laptops and iPads with this plan. Users can consume the content on 480p. The only mobile plan will cost Rs 1,788 Annually.

Netflix Basic plan of Rs 199

Netflix’s basic plan of Rs 199 offers 1 screen and you can consume the content apart from the phone such as a tablet, computer, or TV. Users can consume the content at HD resolution. The basic plan cost Rs 2,388 annually.

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Netflix Standard plan of Rs 499

The standard plan offers 2 screens simultaneously. Users can consume the content on two devices simultaneously at 1080p Full HD resolution. Users can also download their favorite movies and TV shows on the two devices simultaneously. The Standard plan costs Rs 5,988 Annually.

Netflix Premium plan of Rs 649

The Premium plan offers 4 screens simultaneously. Users can consume the content on four devices simultaneously at 4K resolution. The premium plan costs Rs 7,788 Annually.

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